As a socialist, I find myself more than a little angry and frustrated today, following Prime Minister May’s abrupt call for an early General Election. In just 7 short weeks, it appears Britain’s great unwashed will once again be wheeled out, in order to trundle obediently to the local polling station and scrawl their most […]

“Immigration is ruining our country.”  – In what way? Who told you that? How do they know? Where did the idea that led you to post these words on Facebook originate? “We’re losing £350 million a week!” – How do you know? Who’s ‘we’? What are ‘we’ getting for our money? “We don’t need Brussels […]

So here I was in China; my home for the foreseeable future. The first thing that struck me as my wife drove us from the airport into the heart of Changchun was the traffic. Not just the amount of it – and there’s a lot – but the behaviour of it. Imagine a world where […]

At roughly this time last year I was scraping and saving for my Chinese adventure. Working part-time in a bar, I could still only imagine what it would be like to completely detach myself from the damp, puny island I had always called home and be plunged into a vastly different reality – that of […]

As I idly wheeled the trolley through the supermarket for my wife last week, I was momentarily stunned by the vastness of the toothbrush section of the store. My eyes were wide and my mouth positively agape as I scanned the countless brands and varieties on offer. The Mrs didn’t seem to bat an eyelid, […]

It really is happening… Fatherhood is soon to be upon me! In about 3 months’ time I will be responsible for (amongst other things) the protection, nourishment, and education of a tiny, helpless human being – a daunting thought. It hadn’t sunk in 5 months ago, as my wife leapt out of bed at 2 […]

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And so, another mass media-fuelled bandwagon clatters noisily past, spewing filthy fumes into the faces of the not (quite) yet brain-dead. It is fully laden, it seems, with the torpid, moronic majority of our populace who, as usual, board unquestioningly, with giddy excitement, strap themselves in and lap…